​Entry Screen for Android Phone

Yappertoon & InJester

Cartoon Communicating

New Update - Version 2.2

Quickly create a cartoon character for an email or message. Yappertoon allows the user to quickly create a cartoon character with a text bubble, and communicate humor and emotional emphasis. There are 20,736 possible cartoon expressions, and for a 99¢ in-app purchase there are 331,776 combinations!! There are four facial elements used to create the character: Face outline, Eyes, Nose, and Lips. Each of these elements has twelve pre-drawn choices from which to select. There are two bubbles, one for talk and the other for thinking. Sending a Yappertoon adds humor and emotional emphasis to emails and messages. The final cartoon can be saved and printed to make greeting cards or to spice up documents. All facial element drawings are the work of a commercial artist. InJester is a Sticker application for iPhones and iPads only. The stickers for InJester have been created using the Yappertoon application. The images below are the opening views which enable the user to begin selection of the four facial components and finally a bubble for the text insertion.

​Entry Screen for iPhone

Yappertoon and InJest